‘Me’ Motivation

Trust in God. He sends angels to our aid when we most need them. You’re only alone when you don’t give anyone a chance to help you. Break the cycle that’s breaking you. Baby steps in the right direction are better than a familiar step toward ultimate destruction. Choose to take control of your life by letting go of what controls you. Scars are earned; they prove you fought through the pain and overcame. Become the warrior that’s been hidden deep inside. Unlock the doors that hold memories unwanted. Open the floodgates with deserving tears, allowing them to soak the solid ground you stand on. Break down the walls that block out moments your fear has cunningly kept from you.

It’s time to face the demons and whatever else you’ve hidden from yourself. With God by your side, you will not falter or be overwhelmed. You will meet the challenges that come along the way and know that with each one down, you come that much closer to who you’re meant to be. It’s not a race. Live at your own pace. This process is yours and you have the faith to drive through it. Love fearlessly and be proud of YOU!

2 Replies to “‘Me’ Motivation”

  1. Some of what you say here is exactly what I say and teach. You will find much more of that on my other blog, Watch and Whirl. We are in control of our minds much more than we give ourselves credit for. Be master of your mind don’t let your mind master you. A compelling thought doesn’t have to become a compulsive action. There are many ways it can be said. We part ways at the religious aspect. I’m not saying it is wrong for you if that is what enables you to move ahead with your life. Everyone learns in different ways which is why there are so many different faiths and why there are so many different sects inside every faith with the same name, focusing on different teaching even from the same book. Other faiths aren’t rong just because you are told only yours is right and you want to correct their misunderstand so perhaps they can be “saved” I know I don’t need to be saved. I am just fine with what my own beliefs are.

    Most people need the thought of someone guiding them, loving them, to keep them trying. Religion is manufactured predominantly to control the masses. Unfortunately it is overused by politics to stay in power and that has happened for many hundreds of years. But instead of trying to make people believe as you do I think it is more important to try to understand the different cultures people are raised in and find the similarities, not the differences. I prefer the Nichiren Buddhist teaching of cause and effect – which is the same as you reap what you sow, except I think we take it a bit more seriously. It’s an interesting topic of discussion when people can talk and explain instead of demanding to be right. That never works. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. You’re right on many things here! It’s not a race, however many people seem to try to make it an endurance test instead… how many different difficult things/stages can i go through until i find love and peace and contentful living as me – one who is part of God who is ALL? 🙂

    Some (Most? All??) of us have an inner desire to please ourselves and not trust enough in God to follow Him and His Will to find the happiness we all long for… some try to and just get it wrong a lot of the time because there are many ways to fall from the straight and narrow pathway, and we are always learning new things while clinging to many old ones. Sometimes everything seems to combine together in one big nasty mess and it overwhelms us.

    Surrendering our will and giving it all up to Him is one (the only one?) answer.

    Trusting that He will let us see the answer to all problems when we are ready to listen. 🙂

    Just something that struck me in your post… i have a ‘thing’ about Pride… it’s one of the things i need to work on so am sensitive to it. Pride has to do with our ego and following our ego is what most keeps us from doing God’s Will.

    Rather than being proud i believe we should not be ashamed of who we are but be honest about who we are – warts and all – the good and the bad. Then seek His guidance on how to overcome the bad bits one by one.

    That does take some endurance on our part, but it should never be a ‘rushed’ thing. 🙂

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