Middle Ground

This Middle Ground…

A place I just don’t understand,

And definitely don’t belong.

Confusion and uncertainty

Envelopes everything here.

Yet I choose to stay.

Stuck like limbo.

Not wanting to go back,

But afraid to move forward.

I only see in shades of grey

As if I’m colorblind.

No black or white,

No dark or light.

I’ve been here far too long

Just wearing down on me.

Stagnant, claustrophobic

It makes no sense to me.

The unending, constant never known.

I search and search,

But lost my comfort zone.

I can’t seem to find it here,

And starting to wonder

If it even exists at all anymore?

How do I create a new one,

Or learn to live without it?

No… fuck that!

Where the hell am I anyhow?

No comfort zone?

I’m not having it!

Gotta find the exit sign…

Gotta find it…

If this is the Middle Ground,

I must lift my head.

Look up and see the truth.

The Higher Ground

Is right within my reach.

Just waiting for a choice,

The right choice,

The one I never make.

Maybe it’s time I change this place?

Maybe it’s time I change myself?

Maybe it’s time…

3 Replies to “Middle Ground”

  1. I’ve never been much of a fan of the Middle Ground.. the place where most of the ‘normal’, or the average people live. I equate it to the treadmill where you mostly just plod along doing the same thing day after day because it’s ‘expected’ of you or because you have to ‘for the family,’ or society tells you you must.

    But that’s probably not the place your poem was about huh? 😉

    As the good Dr Einstein used to say: “It’s all relative!” 🙂

    There may be better places you could be; there are surely worse ones also. you just gotta make the best of where you are until you know where you want to get to and what direction you’ll take – then take it one step at a time. Slow and steady.


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