Time Warp!

Okay, so it’s happened once again! Every clock I own has decided to choose its own original time zone or something cause they’re all set at different hours! This must be a yearly tradition I wasn’t clued in on. I think it was about a year ago that I got caught in the same sort of time warp, but I can’t be sure about that of course. I just remember getting so mad that “someone” must’ve surely changed the clock in my car to purposely make me late to wherever I had to be. Like I actually had somewhere to be back then that was so important to make any difference what time I made it there! Lmao!

Well, I’m not exactly sure how long it took me this year to realize that Time had set up another one of its secret meetings to throw my world all outta wack. At least this time I was more worried about how long every clock was set hours apart than “who” would do such a horrible thing! It makes me laugh just thinking about how angry I got over the clock in my car being a little off!

This mysterious event in my life brings up a very interesting subject though. We live in a society that places great importance on time and schedules and busy lifestyles where deadlines make us rush around everywhere we go and still worry about getting as many things done as possible that day.

What would happen if we just took Time out of the equation? What if Time simply didn’t exist anymore? What would life look like if we weren’t constrained by seconds, minutes, hours, and we all just did things at our own pace? How much in life do we actually miss because of this imprisoning concept that kills our freedom?

I’m interested in hearing what everyone else thinks about this idea. Enlighten me with some good arguments. Let’s get up and go outside the box today! Who needs that darn box anyway? Throw it out the window and then send me your thoughts. Have a great day ALL!

My love and light goes out to you always! ❤️❤️❤️

2 Replies to “Time Warp!”

    1. So it appears I’m being challenged to do just the thing I wanted my readers to do…. touché, my fellow blogger! I must say that I admire your belief and effort in creating a fairytale life for you and your partner on the journey. Some people may call me a dreamer but I wouldn’t keep doing it if I wasn’t able to feel it becoming true somewhere so deep in my heart that it seems like a part of my soul. And who’s to say that I’m not able to see the future and know what my destiny entails? Hmmmm….
      I’m a little thrown off by the specific post you sent in the link though. It’s actually the third time I’ve read it now so it’s obviously something I need to hear in order to handle a situation correctly that has yet to present itself in my life. Whenever I officially have my partner, I look forward to those moments of vulnerability when we can lean on each other and be real. Humility and honesty are so important in strengthening this bond. And when you add in unconditional love and practice it consistently, I believe that bond can become unbreakable. That’s my fairytale. To experience love in a way that grows, evolves, and transforms into what only we could possibly create and understand.
      Wow, you got me thinking all lovey dovey there. I think I should stop now and go find the box I threw out my window this morning so I can hide inside of it! At least until I stop blushing so bad. ☺️ 💚❤️💚 🔥

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